Following watchfaces are available. You can donate securily with PayPal. After a successfull donation, you will instantly get the unlocking code for respective watchface to your registered paypal email. Please, in order to receive the code, return to merchants site after payment. Check also spam, because it can land there...

Why am I asking for a donation?

I try to learn and make unique watchfaces which takes up to hundreds of hours to create. The world of Garmin is not the easiest path. Though I like this, so from my keen liking of watches and watchfaces I'll make these, and that is why I hope for a small donation...


2 x beer

2x beer donation (10.00€) covers all expenses and helps me to create new watchfaces, features to existing ones and decent amount of support to setup a watchface and questions answered. It's like a boost kick and I know I've done something right.
Thank you!

A beer

A beer donation (5.00€) covers the amount of work put into this and a little support, it's actually quite a lot, and helps me to continue watch development.
Thank you!

A coffee

A coffee donation (2.50€) covers just my expenses and time, so no support, like a break-even, 50-50.
Thank you!

Free donation

However, if you don't find an appropriate donation plan of your choice, the old donation plan is still supported. You can choose to donate any amount, that fits best to your budget (remember paypal fee, if you decide to donate less than 0.50€ (currency EUR) I don't get nothing). I hope you drop me a few comments, which watchface you want and your email, where you want the unlocking code. I will send the code usually within 24 hours.

Casper (FR965 Like:ish)

Weather Tactix

Ball Engineer III Marvellight (amoled)

Ball Fireman (amoled)

Ball Storm Chaser (amoled)

Quattro² Pro




X3M Weather II (QWeather, China)


X3M Weather II (OWM)


X3M Weather I (OWM)

X3M Weather I (Garmin)

Casio Refurbished

Ball Storm Chaser

Troubles in purchasing or any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact: